• Based on sound child development principles and practices
• Highly individualized and child-centered
• Embrace a holistic curriculum

• Executed through PLAY
• Assessed and evaluated regularly and shared with parents

Avenue 2's

Marked by beginning sentences and physical confidence, your child is exerting more effort in becoming independent and active, with increased physical competence!

Avenue 3's

At three, your child is increasingly verbally expressive and notices physical differences.  S/he engages in more make believe and active play. Lesser emotional tantrums and more interest in playing with friends.

Avenue 4's

Language boom and listening skills have improved.  Your four-year-old is a fountain of unending questions and comments, is more nimble and independent physically and emotionally.

Avenue 5's

By this time your child’s imagination is on over-drive. He can carry on a conversation, has longer attention span, can express frustration verbally, and loves playing with his peers.

9th Avenue School Part-Time Programs

Part-time Preschool

With a balance of academic learning and social interaction integrated into play, this program offers children of mixed ages a variety of child-centered activities thrice weekly.

Block and a Half

A playful learning program that provides opportunities to both child and care-giver. Interactive activities aim to develop language, physical, and socio-emotional skills.

Summer Programs

When Summer Time comes, children get to play even more at 9th Avenue School!  Our Summer term allows children to “hang loose” and chill out.  Science experiments, fun math journeys, and interesting literacy programs take center stage.  Activities are, as always, interactive and playful.  Flexible dates and schedules are available.

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