Can we try it out for Free?

Yes.  We have a free one-day trial session.  You and your child may attend class on the appointed date.  We want the experience to be pleasant so we ask that you please schedule your trial class ahead of time.  Only one child-and-parent pair can attend per day to minimize the change in the classroom routine.

What are the payment schemes?

There are various methods and schemes of payment.  You may choose to pay in full for the year, by semester, or by quarter.  Check and credit card payments are accepted, however the latter is with a surcharge of 3.75%.

Do you accept children with special needs?

Every child is different.  Even children with special needs vary in their respective challenges.  We rely heavily on the assessments and evaluations conducted by particular Specialists and Pediatricians before we make any decision regarding admission to 9th Avenue School.  Please come see us with all the paperwork so we can evaluate.

Can an adult stay with the child inside the classroom?

Yes, of course.  The importance of seeing how a child reacts and interacts in the new environment and to the other children, is crucial.  Only you, the parent, can tell if the environment and the method of learning is in-sync with that of our child’s personality and learning style.

Can we pull out from the school in the middle of the year?

A significant percentage of families at 9th Avenue School are nationals from other countries.  Some parents may be transferred to other postings in the middle of the year and it is but natural that the children are pulled out then.  The school has a refund policy in its Handbook.  Depending on how far into the school year the child has attended, the refund is computed then.

What if my child cannot speak English?

The incapacity to speak nor understand English has not deterred us from accepting children with limited or no knowledge of the language.  And depending on the age we can determine the child’s eligibility

Can we enter after the school year has started?

Yes.  We just compute according to the number of months or quarters the child will be attending school.

How do I know my child is ready for preschool?

Every child is unique and each one will exhibit differences in “readiness” for preschool.  Only you, the parent(s) can make the most informed decision if he or she is ready to leave home and come to school everyday (or thrice a week at least). And more importantly, knowing if the school is a perfect match for your child’s learning style and personality, is imperative.

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