For a child to learn effectively, he/she must feel comfortable with his/her environment.
We employ teaching practices that are developmentally appropriate to young children.

Our belief is that PLAY is the child’s means of discovery, of communition, and self-expression.  The curriculum is developed around the children’s needs and interests rooted in principles and child development.

What is DAP?
Simply put, Developmentally Appropriate Practice is an approach to teaching young children based on research about CHILD DEVELOPMENT and what is known about effective early education.

First in the field to use the term Developmentally Appropriate Practices 20 years ago, the professionals behind 9th Avenue School strive to truthfully implement the guidelines set by the NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) on educating and caring for young children using the DAP method.

Meet the Administration and Staff

Maria Regina M. Syquia, M.S.

Teacher Ina loves to bake and scour the city for interesting knick-knacks for learning activities.  A graduate of the Master’s program for Infant & Toddler Studies at Wheelock College, Massachusetts, USA, she was a co-founder and former Curriculum Director of a developmental preschool for young children in Quezon City. Ina has been teaching for many years, in schools in the United States and the Philippines.

Marilou Zalamea-Acero, M.A.

A dedicated mother to four children, Teacher Marilou has been in the early childhood profession for many years.  She graduated from Boston College, Massachusetts, with a Master’s Degree in Developmental Educational Psychology, specializing in Early Childhood Education.  She co-founded, and was the former administrator of a developmental preschool in Quezon City.

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