Satisfied smiles and happy tummies! – A Special look into our Food Preparation Activities


Oh! The smell of delicious food is really such a treat!

Most especially for our dear friends here at 9th Avenue School.

They can’t help but giggle with glee whenever they get the chance to prepare their own food.


Aside from filling up those adorable little tummies and seeing those satisfied little smiles, we engage our young ones in food preparation activities with the following goals:

Practicing Numeracy and Measurement

Almost everything can be counted during a food preparation activity. From the tools they will use to the different ingredients that they need, our little ones get a pretty good chance to practice counting. Often, we even show recipe lists just so that they can get their own ingredients by following the correct number of items. (for older ones, you can even use standard cooking measurements!)

Gaining Sensorial Experiences

When ingredients come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors and textures; giving our dear friends the chance to experience each one is always beneficial for them. They are often asked questions that allow them to look, smell, touch and taste them even before the actual “cooking” begins.

Enhancing Scientific Thinking

On some occasions, we let our little ones make their guesses about a set of ingredients and what food could be made out of them. Other times, we ask what they think would happen to certain products when mixed together. This allows them to make new and exciting discoveries.

Practicing Fine Motor Skills

Depending on the ingredients we have, our little ones get to practice basic skills like peeling, cutting/slicing, crushing, pouring, mixing, spreading and more!

Engaging Creativity

Here at 9th Avenue School, we don’t just make food, we also enjoy making food art! We’ve made cookie buses, banana trains, gingerbread men and rainbow fish sandwiches just to name a few. Our little ones enjoy putting together all the ingredients and are always proud of their delicious creations.

Learning about Food Safety

We try our best to give our little ones a few reminders about the food that they eat. Aside from washing their hands before we start, we remind them to always keep the ingredients on the cutting plates and to avoid placing the tools in places that may not be clean. We also remind them that the spoons or forks that are for tasting, are different from the ones that we use to mix the food together. This way, our little ones are on their way to being “food safe”!


If you’re looking to try food preparation activities at home, here are some key tips:

  • Go with simpler recipes that have more hands-on tasks
  • Remind them of some safety rules about what you’re going to be using. Most especially for sharp tools, hot surfaces/ingredients and slippery areas/equipment.
  • Find chances that will allow them to decorate; even if it’s just arranging the food on a plate.
  • Spreading and mixing is always a crowd favourite
  • Don’t be too worried about making a mess (just remind them that they may have to help clean it up! 😛 )
  • Have lots of fun!

Food preparation is just one of the many activities

that our 9th Avenue School friends get to experience everyday!

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our upcoming summer programs:

Have a happy PLAY day!


~Teacher Maine~
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