The Perks of Picture Day!


And there is more to it than just making souvenirs for our dear parents.

This special day also gives our young ones a few extra perks!

  • Language Development –  When we ask our little ones to dress up in special clothes, they can’t help but show off and be proud of what they’re wearing. Our dear teachers use this as a chance to give them descriptive compliments like: “Wow! You’re pink dress is very sparkly!” or “That’s a really cool outfit! It has such a bright blue color!”. And sure enough, our little ones pick up on this and begin complimenting each other in the same manner.
  • Confidence boosting –  Dressing up can also make our children a bit self-conscious and uncertain. The day can also be somewhat overwhelming, most especially when they suddenly see unfamiliar people as well as strange equipment.  But when everyone greats them with cheers and compliments, it will surely make them feel good throughout the day.
  • Patience Building – From the excited ones, to those who are always on the go and even to the kids who aren’t too keen, getting photographed requires different forms of patience. Having to sit for a few minutes can be a bit daunting for everyone but these opportunities give them a good reason to wait.
  • Visual Focus – At this age our young ones can get easily distracted, getting them to just focus on the photographer for those few minutes is already quite a workout! Not only that, they also have to keep remembering to smile or pose.
  • Imagination and creativity- One way of getting those little tots to use their imagination is by asking them to show it with their bodies. Coming up with their own poses (or practiced ones at home :P) will surely do the trick to get those creative juices flowing!

Here at 9th Avenue School, we try our best to take advantage of every new day to give our young ones more chances for growth and development!

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Have a happy PLAY day!


~Teacher Maine~
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