This week’s sensory bin

Guess what’s in our sensory bin this week?

Coffee Grounds!

Yup, you read it right: COFFEE. GROUNDS.

Since our dear teachers sometimes brew their coffee in school, we dried them up, placed them in our plastic bins, added spoons and small cups and we were ready!

Curious as to why we use sensory bins at 9th Avenue School?

We’ve listed down some key benefits.

  • Fine Motor Development – Those little finger muscles always gets a good workout, whenever they dive into the bin. They sprinkle, squeeze, mash, pound and more! They can even practice a few practical life skills such as scooping, dumping and filling.
  • Socio-Emotional Play skill development– Our bins are always a crowd favourite and often our young ones want to play at the same time. Thus we encourage taking turns to facilitate patience while also developing their transitioning skills whenever they are asked to move to other activities.
  • Language Development– The sensory bin always encourages the little ones to come up with adjectives to describe what they are playing with. From “it’s rough” to “wow! It’s so crumbly.
  • Taping Body Senses – Coffee grounds provide an array of sensory discovery for our kids due to its distinct aroma (smell), it’s rough texture (touch), the sound it makes when rubbed and pounded (hear) and to the colors that appear in the bin and the stain it leaves on hands (sight)
  • Imaginative play – Sensory bins give opportunities for the children to come up with stories and brings out their creativity. Earlier today, our little one said that she was a baker who loved making cakes and brownies!

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~Teacher Maine~
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